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Franco Ortizz
So I basically am looking for a replacement for a windows terminal server environment. Right now i have a small environment that is about 250 users. Everyone logs into windows terminal servers that include Office 2013 for office365. Every application they use is outlook, word, excel, powerpoint, acrobat and google chrome. So everything is web based and hosted in the cloud. So I am looking for something that will give them the same look and feel of windows to log into but can handle video playback better. I was hoping this could be a good solution but i guess i just wanted to see if this would be a good fit. I am more of a windows and apple guy but am looking to learn more linux and put it in our environment to save money as we are going more cloud based so cost will go up so i want to cut costs and stay stable.

So i guess i just want to know the advantages and disadvantages if any to using your xrdp vs a traditional windows based terminal services?


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