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[Xrdp-devel] xrdp issues with running as non-root user

Roy Williams
Hello Everyone,

I have installed xrdp on RHEL 7.1 using Xorg drivers, it seems that I can login via "code=20" as root. I can confirm I cannot login as any other user local or using sssd with kerberos. I am in an environment where filesystem access is done via OpenAFS which requires appropriate tokens. I have seen file write access errors by xrdp but those do not seem to be the culprit as I've tested local logins and failed with the same error.

Fatal server error:
(EE) PAM authentication failed, cannot start X server.
    Perhaps you do not have console ownership?

The configuration is pretty much the default, barring I changed the Xorg line to provide more verbose output


What's notable at the moment is that when logging in as root I do not receive the multiple closed to endpoint errors:
"[20150330-17:55:06] [INFO ] An established connection closed to endpoint: NULL:NULL - socket: 12"
followed by:
"[20150330-17:55:06] [ERROR] X server for display 11 startup timeout"

I did notice the "socket: 12" and "display 11" business but wasn't sure if that was the actual issue, everything seems to point to pam. I also commented out the "pam_console.so" in "/etc/pam.d/server" in an attempt to see if it was caused by the auth required line. It didn't change the behavior it just seems to fail if I am not logging in as root.


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