[Xrdp-devel] why don't you tag releases?

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[Xrdp-devel] why don't you tag releases?

Koichiro IWAO
Jay, why don't you tag releases on each branches?

I raised Japan xrdp Users Group more than six months ago and sought how
can we
make xrdp itself and its community better.  One of the issue is release

xrdp users in Japan are confused which is the officially released source
which version is recommended to use. Of course I know about releases but
is not user-friendly. It prevents me from introducing xrdp to others.

AFAIK, these commit hashes are officially released, right? Let's tag

v0.6.0 don't know
v0.6.1 5d5375873
v0.7.0 no official releases
v0.8.0 86eb45c7a

You should tag other releases, too, if you can.

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