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László Zsigmond

In every xrdp/vncserver tutorial it is indicated to use the command `vncpasswd` after creating a new user but I see that it is enough if I set the user into the tsusers group and set an entry for it in the `/etc/sysconfig/vncserver` file. When I login through the RDP client with the user's password it lets me in, seems to be working without any problems.

I'm building a system of scripts which creates users with RDP access, I would love to skip dealing one more time with the user's password if it is stable this way as well. I hope it's not a bug but the default behavior of vncserver and not a bug that will be "fixed" in a future release. What are your thoughts on skipping the `vncpasswd`command?

Running on a Centos 6.4 I use the following packages:



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