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[Xrdp-devel] reconnecting vs new session.

A. James Lewis
Hi all,

Sorry to jump directly in with a question, but I think this is a rather
mis-understood issue in many of the threads that google has been finding

When logging in with the default "sesman-Xvnc" type session, with the
port set to "-1", it will spawn a new Xvnc server for each session, but
if the user is disconnected then logging back in appears to often create
a new Xvnc session rather than reconnect to a new one.

If I specify a static port, then it will not spawn a server on that port
if one does not exist..

Ideally, I want each user to have 1 session at most and only ever
reconnect to that session if disconnected.... is this possible with xrdp?


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