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paulo bruck
Hi Guys

Thansk to Kevin Cave from http://scarygliders.net/ now I can easily test all versions of xrdp.

Environment:  debian wheezy 7.0.5 wheezy 64 bits and Ubuntu 12.04 32bits

xrdp versions tested: v0.6 v0.8 and v0.9

Before test xrdp  I could confirmed that all keys worked normaly w/ abnt2 including keys "ç" , "/?°" and "]}º".

Strange that using reminna from my destktop connecting w/ tested machines above I could see the same problem w/ keys  "/?°" and "]}º"......

When I try access xrdp ( Xvnc)  throught  a thin client ( TS660W from multi-user - PC Station)  key "ç" works but keys "/?" and others like "]}º" don't work at all.

Am I missing anything?

Let me know if I can test, use another code or anything else that could abnt2 keyboard works.

Thanks in advanced.


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