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[Xrdp-devel] XRDP 0.9.0 (devel), Debian 7.5 and Rage XL 2D graphics


I have XRDP 0.9.0 (devel) built using O-Matic and working on a clean install of Debian 7.5 on several servers with  Rage XL 2D graphics cards and can use xfce with X11rdp  OK.  However, I have failed to get Gnome fallback working with sesman-X11rdp, even after setting my  .xsession to:

gnome-session --session=gnome-fallback

The Debian background is visible for half a second before being replaced by the “Oh No – Something has gone wrong screen”.  There is nothing useful in the xrdp log.

If I connect via sesman-Xvnc then Gnome fallback (MetaCity) works fine – usually after the second (sic) attempt !  However, this doesn’t support copy & paste.

The physical machines start OK with Gnome, which run in fallback mode (MetaCity).

I get the same symptoms when running Debian 7.5 and xrdp 0.9.0 on a virtual machine running on a MacbookPro with 3D graphics enabled.

There is lots on the web saying that Gnome doesn’t work with 2D graphics but that Gnome fallback should.

Question:  Has anyone got Gnome fallback working via X11rdp.  If so how, is this on a 2D graphics machine and what diagnostics do you recommend ?

A bug report that might be relevant:



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