[Xrdp-devel] Popularity research for non-Linux xrdp user

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[Xrdp-devel] Popularity research for non-Linux xrdp user

Koichiro IWAO

Which operating system are you using for xrdp? Paticularly non-Linux.

I've been contributed to xrdp in order to run xrdp on non-Linux
operating systems especially FreeBSD.  I'm also a heavy user of
xrdp on FreeBSD.  The motivation of porting xrdp to FreeBSD is that
I am a user.  Unfortunately, I have no interest in porting other
BSDs or OS X because I don't run xrdp on them.

For this reason, I want to know many people want to use xrdp on
OpenBSD, NetBSD, or OS X and other OS. If many, I'll spare time
for them, too, within the possible range.

I can do nothing for Solaris as I'm not familiar with Solaris. :-(
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Re: [Xrdp-devel] Popularity research for non-Linux xrdp user

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Hi Koichiro

Nice to meet FreeBSD fan :)

I'm also using FreeBSD ( workstation/server/thinclient) and xrdp 0.6.1_7,1 | x11rdp on it (from ports).

I used X-protocol with xdm for some period, and today discover xrdp + x11rdp significantly faster for video srteam and fast motion elements on desktop. I don't know for what reason, but its realy awesome: on my 1Gbit Ethernet it is look like multiseat but remote.

But I have to minuses:
- for some reason after disconnecting and reconnecting new session for user creating
- I couldn't use remote audio: I try to connect pulseaudio and mpd, but not luck yet.

Have you any recomendation for that ?
I also try to compile xrdp 0.9 with X11rdp via X11RDP-o-Matic | by hands, but no luck:

 >> xrdp_mm.c:29:33: fatal error: security/_pam_types.h: No such file or directory
 >> #include "security/_pam_types.h"
 >> compilation terminated.
 >> *** Error code 1

Looks like it is related to Linux sourses but not BreeBSD (with FreeBSD pam_types.h it did not work)

What is your luck with all of this ? Whoud you get some progress ?

Thanks, rewest