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Just to outline the situation I have:
I have a Windows 7 laptop which i use as a host for a guest operating
system Linux Mint Maya 13, in Virtualbox (v 4.3.20).

I have installed xrdp in the Linux guest to allow me to use Windows
Remote desktop to access the guest OS via a second physical PC.

The second physical PC is running Windows 8.1 and is a tablet/laptop
with detachable keyboard.

I want to be able to use the onscreen keyboard (Onboard) on the tablet
without having to have the physical keyboard attached.

The first problem I have is that i need to have the physical keyboard
attached to my tablet in order to type into the xrdp login screen.

The second problem I have is when I am remoted onto the Linux guest via
Remote Desktop (xrdp) from the second physical PC, I cannot get the
onboard keyboard to work correctly. Most of the keys are showing the "?"
character and the space bar shows the message "No X keyboard found,
As i say this is only a problem when remoting onto the guest OS via
Remote Desktop (xrdp).  I have tested this theory by using a 3rd PC and
Remote Desktop and have the same issue as with the other computer.

I also have a third issue which also seems to only be present when
connected via xrdp, i cannot change the physical keyboard layout from US
to UK as all of the options are greyed out. I have tested this by
logging into the guest OS via the host physically and can see the
keyboard layout is set to UK, and all of the options are available to
me. So again the issue only seems to be present when connecting to the
Linux guest via xrdp.

In xrdp I use the sesman X-VNC module, as this is the only option which
allows me to login to the Linux system.
I hope I have explained the situation clearly to you and welcome any
further questions you have to clarify anything.
I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


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