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Firstly,I downloaded the latest Xrdp and NeutrinoRDP source code of the master branch from the following website:
Then, installed them in a debian server successfully, but got incorrect interface rendering after the following steps:
1)Connect to the proxy server using mstsc in a window7 computer.
2)select NeutrinoRDP proxy module to connect to the remote server which runs Windows Server 2003
3)open software of Microsoft virtual Manager 2008 R2,then choose one option and a new window created,but there will Interface rendering error as
picture12 and  3.
we can find the second picture has mixed with the background and some part of it doesn't rendering at all.the normal window should show as
picture 3.

What’s more,I find a problem in the source file xrdp-neutrinordp.c which I think cause the error. I got the log information as picture 4 but we can

See the polygon_sc->nDeltaEntries =4. And I can’t understand the process of handling the polygon_sc(some codes show in picture5 and picture 6). Why doesn’t  it handle the important data polygon_sc -> codeDeltaList?


 I am looking forward to your help,thank you very much!



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