[Xrdp-devel] Integration help for VPN + XRDP +FTP ( we have done VPN + XRDP already. )

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[Xrdp-devel] Integration help for VPN + XRDP +FTP ( we have done VPN + XRDP already. )

Dear Sir:        Dec. 1, 2014

We are looking for remote dektop connection (such as windows XP, 7) to
connection to our ubuntu server and the same time the capability to
transfer files between server and client.
The file transfer  does NOT have to be enctrypted. (optional encryption)

1) VPN (pptp protocol) does conection from client afar (say from Chicago
to N Las Vegas) to ubuntu server.
2) XRDP does the connection to client's (say in Chicago) account at
server location (N las vegas)
1) and 2) was integrated already.
3) we need FTP to transfer files between client and server. ( Chicago
and N las vegas )
If you can integrate 3) to 1)+2) and thus  making 1)+2)+3) to be all
integrated, we can pay you for your services

Setsinc.  (since 1971 before Micro Soft )
C Yang, president
T: 702 657 0680
F: 702 953 9898
Email: [hidden email]  [hidden email]

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