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[Xrdp-devel] Bell beep over rdp

Nicola Ruggero
Hi all,
i'm trying to figure out how to send a bell beep (\a) over xrdp.

This is my infrastructure:

Terminal server linux with xrdp + many firefox sessions (oracle forms)
  ->  handheld terminals windows ce with microsoft's remote desktop
Oracle forms play a beep after certain operations and i would like to
transport this beep to the clients.

A way sould be enabling xrdp sound channel (I am looking at Ryan
Rafferty's patches) but seem to be too complicate and not fully used
by me.

Some one can suggest me a way to obtain such beep on the client?
(should I hack the code in order to transport only the bell... like a
sound?? don't know..)

Thanks, bye

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