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Abhay Saxena
> > Just curious -- is there any way to configure xrdp to jump into a default
> > session and bypass the session manager?
> There is a way you can manually start an X11rdp or Xvnc server and
> edit the xrdp.ini file to connect to that one session.
> You can even remove all the pull down menu items except the one you want.
> I can explain more if that is what you are looking to do.

I'm interested in doing something similar, or at least somewhat related.

I have a multi-server system that performs authentication and authorization at
the gateway, then selectively forwards the right port to the right server
machine. At the moment, the user is able to connect to an already-running Xvnc
session on the server machine through that forwarded port.

I would like to augment/replace VNC with RDP. The easiest and most isolated
way is to use one xrdp process per user/Xvnc. All the processes involved
(xrdp, sesman if required, Xvnc, and the client applications) can run as the
user -- no root at all.

I imagine running xrdp as the user shouldn't be too hard (unless it insists on
root for some reason). What I don't know is how to bypass the dialog asking
what session to run. This is exactly what the original poster was asking. More
info would be appreciated.

Can I get rid of the dialog entirely? I'm perfectly happy to hack/modify C
code to do this, in which case it would be handy to know where I should start.

Besides that issue (bypassing the dialog), do you foresee any other problems
with running xrdp in a single-client, single-session manner? My servers can
handle 500 Xvnc sessions (along with client software) with acceptable
performance. I understand adding 500 xrdp processes will hurt a little on
memory and CPU, but worst case I can reduce the number of clients by ten
percent or whatever it takes.

Thanks for your help.

   - Abhay

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